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Strategic Plan - 2021 to 2026

Our Vision

To be the trusted source of independent guidance on personal finance and civilian employment for the Royal Navy.

Our Mission

To assist and promote the interests of those in the Royal Navy, present and past, and their families by providing: financial capability education and impartial financial guidance (including the facilitation of advice); Civilian employment and transition information, advice and mentoring; and Information, guidance and advice on matters of general welfare and personal administration.

Our Values

Believe that those who serve in the Royal Navy (of all ranks and rates) are, by virtue of their commitment to the nation (and the nature of that commitment) special people who, within the range of the subjects covered by the WEA, deserve access both during and after their military careers to individual guidance and advice from people and organizations who understand their background and the opportunities open to them.

Commit to ensure the absolute integrity of all information provided to clients and that the content of our staff’s personal interviews with individuals is, at all times, confidential, free and unbiased.

Consider that it is crucially important to the wellbeing and efficiency of members of the Royal Navy that those at the beginning of their careers are presented with sensible financial capability guidance.  Similarly, that a successful transition back to civilian life for those completing their Service careers is best achieved by the provision of timely, personally tailored resettlement advice, embracing the two key issues of personal finance and civilian employment.

Behave in a manner that is always open, honest and in the best interests of those we serve and we readily embrace every opportunity to cooperate and collaborate with others to enhance the support we offer.

Respond to all calls on the charity in a manner equal and proportionate, irrespective of the rank or rate of the applicant, whether they are currently serving, a former member of the Royal Navy or a dependant.                                      

Programmes and Services

Are designed to enable appropriate information, guidance, contacts and opportunities to be available through:

  • A comprehensive counselling service, with a programme of regular visits to all major Royal Navy and Royal Marine establishments, operational units and Reserves.
  • The provision of lectures on resettlement, transition and financial awareness to Royal Navy personnel.
  • Introductions to the WEA panel of professional advisors.
  • The maintenance of an informative website, and agile digital and social media profiles.
  • The provision of CV advice and associated civilian employment preparation guidance.
  • The championing of the service personnel’s key skills and aspirations to our Industry Partners.
  • Mentoring of Employment registrants by volunteer senior managers.
Strategic Objectives

The Association’s Strategic Objectives and associated key initiatives to realise the Vision are:

  • To provide well developed, efficient and coherent core services to satisfy anticipated demand in the years 2021-26.
  • To increase revenue income to ensure the charity’s further development and sustainability.
  • To vigorously market the Association’s services to the principal client bases.
  • To improve the accessibility of the Association’s services to potential clients.
Annual Priorities

To underpin the strategic objectives there are a number of tasks and initiatives to be commenced or completed within an annual reporting period.  For the year 2021/26 these are:

To continue to explore options for regular financial support from Naval friendly supporting charities.

To deliver employment and personal finance events in Portsmouth and Devonport.

Deliver influence, advocacy and fundraising events in Autumn 21.

Regularly review and report against client feedback garnered from the client survey.

Trial and then introduce new Casework Management System in Q1.

Commission work to refresh WEA Website.

Introduce revised organisational structure on 1 Apr 21.

To review and refresh the Association’s investment management regime.

To re-establish and maintain a strategic relationship with Navy Command.


All strategic priorities and annual priorities in this plan are to be reviewed periodically throughout the year as appropriate by the F&GPC and reported annually to the Council of Management.