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Completing the Pension Form1 – Part 1 Resettlement Grant?

By David Scholey, Regional Manager Southeast and East.

The Pension Form 1 is a multi-use form, used to apply for Resettlement Grant, Redundancy, Medical Pension, Early Departure Payments (EDP) and Pension from the various AFPS schemes. There are two methods to complete, either download the form at: PEN Form1, fill in, print off and send in the post to Veterans UK at the address on the form, or complete via your JPA/Self Service Employee account.  The JPA method is easiest and that is the method we shall use for the purpose of this blog article.

This article will try to explain how to use the Form1 to apply for a Resettlement Grant.  Future blogs will show how to use the form to apply for other benefits such as EDP and Pension.  As we’ve seen in another recent blog article the Resettlement Grant  is a one off tax free lump sum paid to all who have completed at least twelve years’ service and are not also receiving any other lump sum on discharge from the Armed Forces.

To complete the form, you must be within your final nine months service prior to your TX date recorded on JPA. If so, select the form from the left side of your JPA/Self Service Employee screen.  It’s usually around the twelfth to fifteenth item on the left.

Once you’ve selected the form it should come up with the message ‘No Record Found’ Take a look over to the upper right part of the screen and you should see an icon marked ‘Create New Record’ select that and JPA will generate a form.  If a record is found, select that one to ‘View’ and then click on ‘Amend’ Then follow the instructions below.

On the generated form you will find most boxes on the first page already filled in.  You need to fill in the blanks.  The reason for leaving is ‘Early Release’ To enter your TX Date use the calendar option. Then there is the important question ‘Which Pension Scheme Are You a Member Of’ From the drop-down menu select the option at the bottom of the list - ‘I Am Not Due Any Immediate Benefits’ If you select any other option you will have to answer a whole series of questions which are irrelevant to you.

After selecting ‘I Am Not Due Any Immediate Benefits’ press the ‘Next’ button over on the right of the screen.  This will take you directly to the declaration page.  On that page simply click in the box and then press the ‘Submit’ option.  The form will then ask, ‘Are You Sure?’ Click on OK

That’s it, the form is submitted.  Watch out for a workflow notification a couple of days later for your confirmation they have received your submission.  The money is paid to your bank account 30 working days after your TX date.

The next blog in this ‘Completing the Pension Form1’ series will focus on claiming immediate AFPS75 benefits.