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10 Pre-job hunting questions to ask yourself

Published 13/09/2018 10:29:00, by Marina Maher

As you start to approach transition and begin to try and identify your second career (or third of fourth…) you should ask yourself – and answer – some fundamental and key personal questions.  The results, if honest, will help you narrow down your search and provide the final tests which you should apply to any serious job opportunity.  Here are some suggestions as to what those questions should be

  1. Do you want/need a full time role, part time or flexible working role?
  2. How mobile do you wish to be?  (Are you happy to commute? Want to be based locally?  Work Overseas?  Work from home? etc….).
  3. What is the salary you broadly seek?  Is there a minimum you could accept?
  4. Is there a particular sector  such as public, voluntary, NfP, commercial, Defence Industry, maritime, security, sport, construction etc that you are drawn towards or would like to explore further?
  5. Are you seeking a role for the next 5 to 10 years or are you looking to build a second career?
  6. What work life balance do you wish to achieve?(What hours do you hope to work?  Is working at home important?  How flexible in terms of contract do you want to be – contractor/work for yourself or full time employee etc….).
  7. What type of work environment do you seek?(Outside/Inside work?  Big office?  Small/Medium Sized Enterprise?  Multi-national?  Small team?  Office floor plate etc….).
  8. Do you have any relevant skill sets or qualifications that you feel may be of value?
  9. When do you anticipate being available for employment?
  10. Have you a passion, hobby or recreational pastime that could be a basis for employment?

Answer all of the above and you have a framework for your job search – a series of filters that can be applied to any job opportunity to help you achieve what you really want.  Now of course you would have to be extremely lucky to find a role that accommodates all you wants and that’s when you start applying the “C” word to the above – COMPROMISE!


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