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Employment Services from the White Ensign Association

Published 04/04/2018 11:42:00, by Marina Maher

The White Ensign Association has a dedicated Employment Service that is designed to help those from the Royal Navy and Royal Marines communities find employment after their service is complete.  Employment Services from the WEA are unique and aim to provide assistance that is:

- Bespoke and designed for the individual, taking their needs and circumstances into consideration.

- Delivered on a personal and one-to-one basis, taking as much time as the individual needs.

- Designed to guide the individual in a helpful and constructive way, into a career path that is realistic, sustainable and appropriate for their and their families’ needs and requirements.

The Director of Employment Services (DES) sets out to assist those who have registered for ER by taking them back to the very basics concerning job choice and encourages them to think carefully about a given career choice and how they think that will work out when they take certain external factors into consideration.  These factors include the location in which the individual intends to settle and the amount of money they require to earn in order to secure a decent standard of living.  DES then sets these against the internal drivers job seekers may have, including the reasons they have for wanting to follow a career path. 

When investigated thoroughly and honestly, the reasons leading to job choices are sometimes exposed as not being realistic or compatible with the external factors that have already been discussed and this, whilst sometimes causing short-term disappointment, usually prepares people better for the longer term and most certainly saves them a lot of time, effort and money, and assists them in making a choice that is more achievable in the context of sustainability, standard of living and potential for advancement when set against their external factor constraints or opportunities.

The WEA offers this help directly and through a network of Mentors, Network Advisors and commercial industry partners.  Our help is usually required in one or more – and sometimes all – of the following areas:

- CVs, Covering Letters, application forms and online application forms.

- Interview preparation, including interview practice.

- Networking and development of the personal brand.

- General employment advice.

- Sector specific advice.

- Personal introductions to commercial partners where appropriate.

Our network of Mentors can give current, relevant advice on all the functional areas involved in securing a future career and our extensive group of Network Advisors are there to help people who are looking to work in a specific sector or industry.  All work in the areas that they give specialist advice in and many have transitioned from a life in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines themselves in the past, so they have personal experiences of what to do and what to avoid when going into a particular area and can give advice that is invaluable.

The WEA can help anyone who has served for a single day or more in the Royal Navy or the Royal Marines.  In addition, we can help Veterans (it does not matter how long ago they left the Service), Reservists and the eligible Dependants of those who served.  If you need any help or advice on getting a job after your time in uniform, or are a Veteran who is thinking of a career change, then please get in touch.


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