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Pensions and Employment Presentations Given By The White Ensign Association

Published 18/07/2019 11:18:00, by Marina Maher

By David Scholey, Regional Manager South East.

As well as conducting personal interviews, much of our time at the White Ensign Association is spent delivering presentations to Service personnel.  Whether they be Service leavers, CO/XO and EWO Desig courses, Senior Logisticians, RM Senior Command Courses and Warrant Officer Staff Courses. We also do tailored presentations on request to Units, Establishments, Groups and Sections. These presentations can be done as part of a wider Unit Divisional Day, Pre-Deployment preparations, or just to a small group of likeminded people who are beginning to think about life after service. Pensions and Pensions Calculator  have over the years become quite complicated after all. I’ve even done a very well received one for an Establishments UPO staff as the subject of one of their regular training afternoons. With regards to employment, most people joined the Service straight from education, so the concept of looking for a new job is quite alien to them.  

The WEA has a fully comprehensive Employment Services offering much help and support for those; contemplating leaving, in transition and also to those who have already left. Eligibility to the WEAs free services does not end once you’ve left the service. Details of our currently planned visits and lectures programme can be found at: Lectures and Visits

Pension presentations cover AFPS75, 05, 15 and RFPS if necessary, looking at immediate and preserved benefits, Resettlement Grant, the various Commutations available and ensuring full qualification for a combination of the schemes. Effect of taking an FTRS position can be factored in if required. We also cover the application process and things to look out for.

Pensions and Employment presentations will cover the same but with the addition of an insight into what our Employment services can assist with and what you should look out for.

If you believe there is interest in having a tailored brief for your Office, Section, Group or Unit, either contact us yourself or ask your line management to do so. Here is a link to our Staff Contacts  page. I have recently done tailored presentations for audiences as small as eight (in a Drill Shed) and as large as ninety (whole Unit Divisional week).



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