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Re-employment into Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) and how it may affect your Armed Forces Pension Scheme (AFPS)

Published 18/11/2020 10:23:00, by Marina Maher

By Marty Small – Regional Manager South West WEA


Abatement of Immediate Pension (IP) under AFPS75

If you left with an IP under AFPS75 then re-joined the Armed Forces (including MPGS) or accepted an FTRS or ADC commitment that exceeds six months in post, your IP will be reduced or suspended so that your new rate of pay together with your IP does not exceed your old rate of pay (adjusted to take account of changes to the Consumer Prices Index. This abatement continues throughout the period of re-employment.

Effect on AFPS05 Early Departure Payment (EDP) and EDP Lump Sum

On re-employment you must repay the ‘unexpired portion’ of the EDP05 lump sum and the EDP05 income stream will cease. The EDP05 lump sum will not be repaid to individuals on leaving the service subsequently, however the EDP05 income stream will recommence at its original level if under age 55 or increase to 75% of your deferred pension if over 55 but under age 65.

Effect on AFPS15 Early Departure Payment (EDP)

When a person who is receiving EDP15 payments joins FTRS, they will retain their EDP15 benefits. Their EDP15 payments will not be recalculated when the individual leaves FTRS. Although your AFPS15 EDP income stream will not be subject to abatement, this will be taken into account when calculating any abatement due to your AFPS75 pension income.

The calculation uses the following formula: AFPS75 Gross Pension + AFPS15 income stream + FTRS basic salary cannot exceed your last regular basic salary.

FTRS accrued benefits under AFPS15

Normal retirement age under AFPS15 is age 60. An immediate pension will be paid to those who serve until age 60, if you leave before age 60, any benefits you accrue will be preserved and paid at State Pension Age (SPA). Pension entitlements are based on 1/47th of the annual pensionable salary, linked to the average earnings index.

If you would like further information on your Armed Forces Pension Scheme (AFPS) or how re-employment into the FTRS affects your pension, then please feel free to get in touch with the WEA.

All the information above can be found on the GOV UK website, Armed Forces and Reserve Pension Scheme: Re-employment booklet MMP116.

Please see link: MMP116_Re-employment_booklet


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