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Royal Navy to MPGS

Published 25/11/2020 11:09:00, by Marina Maher

By H Baker

The primary role of the MPGS is to counter the
terrorist threat posed to military bases within the UK mainland through the provision of armed guarding services.

This is the story of H Baker transition from Navy to MPGS.

Being born in Plymouth and with my dad being a former Royal Marine, it was pretty much written I would find myself in the Armed Forces in some way.  In 2010 I joined the Royal Navy Logistics Catering Services, and with a surname like Baker; Chef it was and Bagsy it would be. Serving on HMS Illustrious for 3 years and subsequently MCM2 Sqn, I had a brilliant time trotting around the Gulf and Mediterranean, taking part in all manner of exercises and operations, not to mention some cracking runs ashore.

Although I only spent 6 years in the mob, I did lots and saw loads and thoroughly enjoyed my time. I will always be a Matelot at heart but with a bit more structure, the ability to plan my life a little better, able to set some roots and still having that sense of military life and banter. Having heard about the Military Provost Guard Service (MPGS), I did some research and decided it was for me. After leaving the RN in February 2016, I joined the MPGS in March 2016 just 1 month later.

Although the MPGS are regular soldiers and come under Army command, they operate under what is called a Military Local Service Engagement contract which is a 3 year renewable contract. The MPGS do not deploy outside of the UK, in fact when joining you get to choose which base you want to serve at. With over 100 UK wide  Tri-Service Military Establishments to choose from, it’s what suits you. I chose HMS Excellent, due to my fond memories of firefighting and the DRIU. Pompey is where I wanted to settle so after an initial 5-day course at Fareham, I joined my new Platoon.

I did have some apprehension joining green from blue, but honestly, it’s not an issue. Getting to know the team and routines from all backgrounds of the military is very interesting and everyone has something to bring. I settled in quickly to the team of 42 spanning all 3 services and it was cheers easy to pick the basics up. The job itself is money for old rope; consisting of Armed Guarding duties, vehicle patrols, foot patrols and manning the control room dealing with day to day enquiries.

The good bit… 4 days on, 4 days off! plus 38 days annual leave. I’m no mathematician but that it 5 and half months off a year! Knowing my work routine 12 months in advance is a massive advantage. Not to mention access to Married Quarters, continuation of my Armed Forces Pension Scheme including dental and health care, the whole package kicking back in again, ‘all-in-all’ yes please! The MPGS has also given me lots of opportunities outside of my normal routine just like the mob did really, having taken part in the Army’s Triple Crown event and being selected to enrol into a Skill at Arms course. I was also fortunate enough to achieve promotion to LCpl in 2018.

So, what has joining the MPGS given me? Well quite simply the ability to carry on serving but this time ‘my way’, the location that suits me, the lifestyle I enjoy and with my family by my side!

H Baker

If you are interested in joining the Military Provost Guard Service (MPGS), scan the QR code below:


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