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Why It’s Worth Considering Specialist Military Insurance

Published 21/06/2017 13:43:00, by Marina Maher

Being in the military means that you have a unique lifestyle and your insurance needs will differ from that of a civilian. Whether you are in the RAF, Army or Navy, it is likely that civilian policies will not fulfil your requirements for cover.

This is where specialist military insurance can help. Insurers that create products specifically designed for the Armed Forces will have a better understanding of a military lifestyle and will be able to understand the kind of protection you need.

Here's just a few reasons why you might want to consider specialist military insurance: 

Do you have any holidays planned?

Military life can often be unpredictable and if you've pre-booked a holiday, it’s important to know it will be covered. Most civilian travel insurance policies will not cover for cancellation if you get unexpectedly deployed, so if you need this cover make sure that you check. It is usually included as standard with specialist military insurers such as Trinity Insurance.

Do you own any specialist military kit and equipment?

Most civilian policies will not account for any specialist military kit or equipment that you may own. You'll be responsible if anything happens to your kit, including if it gets lost or stolen, so it’s always wise to include it on your policy. Specialist military insurers will usually include a basic level of cover for these kind of items, and allow you to tailor the policy around them if you need too. 

Do you live in military accommodation?

If you have a room in the block, or stay in married quarters, it is well worth considering specialist military kit and home insurance that includes license to occupy cover. Upon march out, you will be liable for any damage done to your accommodation (up to £20,000 worth!) but the correct insurance will cover you for this so that you don’t need to worry.

Do you need personal accident cover?

Many members of the Forces look for personal accident cover due to the nature of their career, but it’s important to check what will be included. A lot of civilian personal accident policies exclude certain occupations, particularly those considered high risk, whereas military policies are designed to cover these exact kinds of roles.

Overall, if you’re in the Armed Forces, it is likely you will find insurance better suited to your needs through a military specialist. If you’re looking at insurance with a civilian company, always make sure you check the full policy details and ensure it is suitable for you and your lifestyle.

For futher information please visit the Trinity website


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